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Equal Opportunity Policy


In March 1989 Kemp & Denning Limited officially adopted its affirmative action programme.

The objectives of this programme are to ensure that all potential and existing employees are provided with equal and fair opportunities in terms of recruitment, promotion, transfer, training and conditions of service during the course of their employment with the Company, regardless of sex, race, marital status and religious or political beliefs.

By implementing and monitoring effective personnel policies and practices, Kemp & Denning will recognise and encourage employees on the basis of their abilities, aptitudes, qualifications and skills.

In line with the Affirmative Action Legislation specific measures will be taken to identify and eliminate present discrimination and prevent discrimination in the future.

In order to achieve this the following procedures have been established and maintained:

  • A commitment from the Board of Directors and Senior Executives to establish an Affirmative Action Programme for women;
  • The appointment of an Affirmative Action Co-ordinator who will be responsible for overseeing the content and direction of the programme and for providing advice and assistance to other employees in administering the programme;
  • The review of all personnel policies and practices to ensure equal and fair application to all employees;
  • The review of all current recruitment and advertising procedures to ensure equal opportunity;
  • The development of an internal promotion policy which ensures appointment on the basis of skills and abilities;
  • A statistical analysis of Kemp & Denning’s workforce;
  • The establishment of practical and appropriate objectives to overcome any deficiencies;
  • A needs analysis to identify specific training programmes necessary to further develop previously disadvantaged employees;
  • Consultation on an ongoing basis with individual employees to ensure an effective and realistic programme;
  • Ensure sufficient training and development of supervisors in understanding and implementing this policy within the workforce.

In accordance with the Affirmative Action Act, Kemp & Denning Limited will provide both a public and confidential annual report to the Director of Affirmative Action by 1 February each year, detailing progress made and initiatives undertaken.