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My Account

For K&D customers, we provide a facility whereby you can access your account information after entering Your Username and Password.

Once you have entered this information you can then view your account details such as your current account balance, date of the last invoice and payment.

You can make changes to your password as required.

A list of the last dozen transactions is available for viewing. New additional features will be added as time progresses.

If you’re not a K&D customer, or don’t yet have access to the website please email us or phone 62 300 300 to register.

K&D customers can have access to discounts and special privileges, including a 30 day account. Contact us to find out more.

Open an Account

If you want to open a new account with K&D contact our credit department on 62 300 326 to discuss your requirements.

We have a number of different accounts depending on your circumstances. The account depends on whether you are a regular shopper, a builder, in a partnership or a company and the amount of credit you are applying for per month. Contact us so we can ensure you are set up with the appropriate account.

We can supply you with a single card, a number of cards, or a tag which will attach to your keyring. Let us know what you would like.