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Terms of Credit

Trading Terms

After the end of each calendar month, K&D will send you a statement summarising all purchases and returns for that trading month.  Payment is required within 30 days of the date of statement.

Failure to pay your account by the due date can have one or more of the following consequences:


  • Interest being charged on the overdue balance, and
  • Loss of any settlement discounts, and
  • Reduction or removal of your credit limit, and
  • An adverse affect on your credit rating/standing
  • Collection expenses being charged to the account holder

As K&D is already extending credit facilities to you, payment of your account by credit card is not available. Methods of payment are Cheques, Eftpos, Money Order,  BPay & Electronic Transfer Funds.  However, purchases may be made at point of sale through your account using your credit card.  (K&D accepts Bankcard, Visa, Mastercard and Amex at point of sale.)

Title of goods does not pass to the purchaser until payment in full has been made.

Any change to the legal trading structure, the applicant will remain liable until credit approval has been granted to the new entity.

Credit Limit

This credit limit can be reviewed by contacting our Credit Manager  (03) 62 300 326.  K&D reserves the right to reduce or remove your credit limit at any time.  Credit limits are displayed on your monthly statement.

K&D Card... Total Convenience

A K&D Card is not valid until it is signed by the person to whom it is issued.  The card may only be used by that person, or a password attached in the instance of a key ring card.

In addition to your own card, you may request cards to be issued to any person that you wish to use your account.  At your request, any card can be cancelled.

As the Account Holder, you are liable for all transactions made with any card issued on your account.

Lost or Stolen Cards

For your own protection, you must immediately notify K&D of any card issued on your account is lost or stolen and supply all information you may have regarding the loss or theft.

Until K&D receives such notice, you will be liable for goods charged to your account by any unauthorised person.

You will not be liable for any unauthorised charges to your account made after K&D receives notice from you of the lost or stolen card.

Change of Address

You are required to notify K&D of any change to your address.

All K&D Cards issued on your account remain the property of Kemp & Denning Limited and must be returned upon demand.  K&D has the right to cancel all or any issued cards at any time.